Australia’s birth rate lowest on record, but more babies than ever

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5 Responses

  1. Astra says:

    Very Interesting, especially around 2006, where the baby bonus came in.

  2. Viv Straw says:

    In the Total Fertility Rate, States and Australia, 2008, 2017, 2018 the ACT seems to have the lowest fertility rate of 1.547. The article states it is Victoria which has 1.598. Is this a deliberate error that I have picked up? Have I missed something?

  3. Andrew Smith says:

    2006 saw an expansion of the NOM to include significantly more ‘immigrants’ whom are temporary residents, neither permanent nor citizens.

  4. Terase says:

    The fact you note women suddenly started having kids younger again when they got paid the baby bonus (was it $5500? If i recall) is hilarious.

    I do remember all many friends suddenly having kids between 17-21 despite unstable jobs, unstable living situations and short term partners. But OMG $5,500!

    No prizes for correctly guessing where i grew up.

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