Australia’s changing cultural diversity – top 10 places of origin for people born overseas

Georgia Allan

Georgia completed a Masters in Population Studies and Demography at Flinders University in Adelaide. At .id, Georgia is a consultant in .id's housing team. She was heavily involved in the creation and continued development of, the online tool developed to give councils an accessible evidence base for planning and advocacy. Georgia has prepared housing demand and supply analysis for a range of councils, including those in inner-city, middle ring, growth and peri-urban areas. When not in the office, she is likely to be cooking, knitting, crocheting, or buried in a good book.

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7 Responses

  1. Janette A Sauterel says:

    Great source of new information for outcoming presentacions, thank you

  2. Janette A Sauterel says:

    Great source of new information for outcoming presentacions, thank you

  3. Great article. This might be a dumb question but I thought census data on country of birth released so far only included the top 50 countries (as of the 2011 census) which didn’t include Syria. So where did you get the data on Syria?

    • Georgia Allan says:

      Thanks Alison. .id had a special order with the ABS to get access to the full list of birthplace countries, as part of our work to update our sites. Further data at an LGA level will be available on our sites over the coming weeks.

  4. George Darroch says:

    This may not be the place to ask it, but how is Australia’s emigration measured? Do we know how many Australians and (former) residents have placed themselves elsewhere, and where they landed?

  5. Thanks Georgia! I want to update a report on CALD communities in WA and we have a gap for Kenya, Korea (South), Macedonia, Sudan, Vietnam and any significant recent influxes (which may include Syria for example). Frustrating to have to wait until October! But .id covers all but three of our top 18 LGAs in metropolitan Perth (as of 2011), so that will help in the meantime. Thanks again.

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