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Simone has a rich background in human geography, demography and urban planning – a background that was useful in her previous roles in the Commonwealth and State Governments, and now as part of the forecast team at .id. From the Queensland coast to the southern suburbs of Perth, Simone produces population and dwelling forecasts that help local governments make informed decisions about future service and planning needs. She is a regular contributor to .id’s blog and has spoken at several conferences on how our cities and regions are changing. She is a big advocate of evidence-based planning and how Census and other data can inform this. Outside of work Simone is a keen traveller and photographer – interests that tie in well with her professional life and help her to understand “place”.

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2 Responses

  1. Terry Jackman says:

    Where can I obtain the average age at death of all males in 2014 (in Aust.)?……not life expectancy.
    An insurance company sent me some interesting stats…………..i.e. 37.5% of men in Aust. do not live to see their 65th birthday.
    Also, the earlier a man retires the longer his life expectancy…..if he retires at 55 his life life expectancy is to 82.(hence the Govt. encouraging people to work beyond 65).

  2. Simone says:

    Hi Terry, the ABS publishes median age at death in their annual deaths publication. There’s a link to the publication in the blog, but note that the 2014 data is due for release on the 12th November 2015.

    Life expectancy is calculated for all ages – not just at birth. This information is available in the life tables publication released by the ABS and when the new deaths data is published next week they will also be updated (ABS 3302.0.55.001). The 2011-2013 life tables do indicate that a 55 year old male in Australia has another 27.7 expected years of life, but it isn’t broken down any further than that ie by retirement status.

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