Everything you need to know about the 2016 Census

Jo Little

Jo comes to .id with over 15 years marketing experience across a variety of different industries in Perth, Brisbane and Melbourne. Jo specialises in digital marketing to feed her inner nerd and has a keen interest in social marketing for community change. In an effort to break down glamourous marketing stereotypes, Jo has focused her career on marketing building products, car suspension, the railways, and waste management. More recently Jo managed a digital social marketing project for sustainability, creating a gamified program to help low income earners save money on their electricity using app games and communications, changing consumer behaviour in a positive manner.

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  1. Lisa Deramond says:

    I disagree with the terminology that Victoria is winning by such a significant population increase. We’ve gone from Costello’s prediction of underpopulation to a crowded congested city with significant impact on current inhabitants and little benefit.

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