It’s true – and apart from being a weird, interesting fact that you can use at your next quiz night, it indicates a much broader issue  – an ageing population in a country with little immigration.  As a result, Japan have a massive ageing population, with only natural childbirth to provide new additions to population. What other “paradigm shifts” are we seeing “for the first time” in 2012?

When we look at what changes are happening in the market – like in Japan, it’s often driven by changing demographics  – but it’s also driven by changing needs and changing attitudes. Here are some other “first time” events…

For the first time, digital music outsells CD’s

This is not a surprise give the huge impact of itunes and the broad penetration of ipods and other MP3 player devices.  The only question remains – will CD’s disappear altogether, and if so, when?

For the first time, Mazda outsells Holden in Australia

What a paradigm shift this is!  Holden, the backbone of Australian motoring for the last 50 years has now been outsold by Mazda!  It’s indicative of a the shift in the market requirements, the impact of lowering of tariff barriers many years ago and of course, the good pricing and good quality of the Mazda products, especially the Mazda 3, which is now Australia’s best-selling car.

For the first time, Nissan outsells Ford in Australia

Nissan have publicly said they want their Nissan Pulsar to be #1 in sales in Australia, so they are pursuing an aggressive marketing focus.  A sensational return to form from a manufacturer who only 10 years ago had few products and weak sales in the Australian market.  But for Ford Australia, for so long #2 (or even occasionally #1) in the market, it’s a shock.

For the first time Amazon sells more digital books than physical books.

The kindle and the other e-readers, coupled with the ease of publication made possible by e-publishing have led to a revolution in book-selling.  The future can only hold more of the same – so what will libraries look like in the future?  Rows of kindles, available for loan?

For the first time, Diet Coke outsells Pepsi in USA to become #2 cola after Coke

After the “cola wars” of the 70′s and 80′s Coke settled back to a clear #1 position in the soft drink market.  Interestingly, only this one of Coke’s diet brands, Diet Coke, actually outsold Pepsi (and of course Pepsi Max) to occupy the #2 spot.

For the first time, Chinese immigrants outnumbered those from Great Britain in 2011

In the 12 months to June 30, 2011, Australia accepted more immigrants from china than GB, for the first time .

For the first time, facebook outranked Google for more time spent online

For the first time, Commodore is overtaken by a another car from its own stable – Cruze

Indicative of the changing mood of the market, Holden’s new locally made Cruze outsold its older brother, the Commodore in February 2012.  Can you tell I’m into cars?

For the first time, Samsung smartphones outsell the iphone

Samsung became the #1 smartphone manufacturer in 2012.  (also, Samsung outsold Sony to be #1 in HDTV too)

What other “for the first times” will we see in 2012? Leave us a comment…

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