How COVID-19 will impact the future population of rural areas

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  1. Great overview Keiran for rural LGAs with populations to 50k.
    It would be great to get your insight into the MidCoast scenario: we have 95% of our 95k population in a dozen ‘coastal’ centres; but 98% of our LGA is rural or environmental land; and 5% of our population is spread across an estimated 185 towns and villages in that rural landscape. A happy twist resulting from the amalgamation of three LGAs covering 10,000sqkm from the coast to the Great Dividing Range.
    Historically we have always experienced higher population growth along the coast, (did I mention we might be the oldest LGA in NSW as well?) but are we likely to see an increased diversity in demand across our rural areas for both population and economic growth as a result of COVID? Given our connectivity and proximity to Sydney, Newcastle and Queensland we are hoping so!

    • Kieran McConnell says:

      Thank you, Alexandra. Glad you enjoyed it.

      There are a few LGAs that are similar as yourselves, a large proportion of the council area is rural yet have coastal settlements where most of the population reside.

      The next blog will discuss the coastal typology. Hopefully the two blogs combined will give you a better understanding of what is in store for MidCoast as whole. On a high level it may be positive for both the coastal and rural parts of the LGA. Especially given its proximity to major population centers.

      And I did not know the MidCoast could be Australia’s oldest LGA! I’ll have to check with some of our history nuts here at id and find out the answer to that. It will make for a great blog too!

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