Australia to hit 30 million by 2029…or maybe 2033

Glenn - The Census Expert

Glenn is an ABS data expert with huge intellect and capacity to convert demographic data into profound insights about places. He has contributed numerous blogs and consulting projects covering economic development, housing consumption and affordability, migration, fertility, ageing, role and function of ‘place’, communities of interest and more. Glenn works with over 120 councils bringing the client perspective into the development of our information products. He is a Census data expert, having worked at the Australian Bureau of Statistics for 10 years. If there's anything Glenn doesn't know about the Census, it's probably not worth knowing - so ask Glenn!

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2 Responses

  1. Ian says:

    I can only hope that the government has made provisions for the infrastructure to support this population growth. I would say “No they have not” as they have made no provisions for the current population. A simple back of the envelope calculation would demonstrate this.

    We need dams (only 80 years behind the times) and a reliable cheap energy supply (Not possible with renewables) better road system (Sydney average travel speed 21km/hr), more schools and hospitals, more homes (Not multistory ghettos)

    The government has demonstrated that it is incapable of developing the infrastructure and what is done is overpriced.

  2. Joanne says:

    Hi Glenn,
    I enjoyed your article. I used to be a demographer in a previous life. Would be interesting to read a blog on how the projections and forecast change for Australia and maybe the major cities.

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