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Glenn - The Census Expert

Glenn is an ABS data expert with huge intellect and capacity to convert demographic data into profound insights about places. He has contributed numerous blogs and consulting projects covering economic development, housing consumption and affordability, migration, fertility, ageing, role and function of ‘place’, communities of interest and more. Glenn works with over 120 councils bringing the client perspective into the development of our information products. He is a Census data expert, having worked at the Australian Bureau of Statistics for 10 years. If there's anything Glenn doesn't know about the Census, it's probably not worth knowing - so ask Glenn!

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4 Responses

  1. leo says:

    What is missing here is an accompanied platform that any citizen can use to search for specific information through the Census data base. It is after all an asset paid for by the tax payer there fore owned by the public.

    • Thanks for the comment. .id’s sites are paid for by councils as a resource for the community. The ABS makes quite a bit of data available on their website, but usually in more of a raw format, and change over time is difficult to show. We do have a search function on our sites, at the top, with a fairly comprehensive topic search available, based on a set of keywords. If you’re talking about specific information on individuals, however, this is protected by law and never released from Census due to privacy concerns.

  2. Peter Berkeley says:

    Shame transport data has not been prioritised in your release schedule.

    • Hi Peter, Most transport data in the Census, such as Journey to Work and Method of Travel to Work, is in the second release of Census data in October. That’s an ABS priority, so unfortunately we have no influence on that!. The only one in the first release is Number of Motor Vehicles, and this is not in our initial data order, but is still planned to be rolled out by mid-August with our full first release in profile.

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