Is the Census private and why does it matter?

Glenn - The Census Expert

Glenn is an ABS data expert with huge intellect and capacity to convert demographic data into profound insights about places. He has contributed numerous blogs and consulting projects covering economic development, housing consumption and affordability, migration, fertility, ageing, role and function of ‘place’, communities of interest and more. Glenn works with over 120 councils bringing the client perspective into the development of our information products. He is a Census data expert, having worked at the Australian Bureau of Statistics for 10 years. If there's anything Glenn doesn't know about the Census, it's probably not worth knowing - so ask Glenn!

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4 Responses

  1. Gary Haley says:

    Statistics from the census are very private, unless you want your tax file No, tattooed on your bum at birth, and especially misleading when tax payers in the single address is used to calculate the income of the singular household come residences, the census is very important to know where and what exactly, workers, non professionals, professionals, engineers, essential service trade, and engineers come from, the census is important to know and understand apart from incomes, additional properties ownership by the singular resident owner, and how being used, and then, what is essential to know, the situation and knowledge of health and education and most important does the GOV. of the day, understand the need, and the money involved, how to support it , or destroy it by shear ignorance, the census is most important but not for resale to commercial interests like our rate notice address, and home ownership, sold to retailers..

  2. Kate says:

    Income and Religion are not the only questions that cause concern. The world has moved to the right since 2011 and right wing Christians are exercising more influence than they should. After the heady days of 1989 (when the Berlin Wall came down) and 2000 (Sydney Olympics) just prior to September 11 2001, we’ve watched the world become tenser and political leaders have reacted rather than lead. Legislation can be changed. People in unconventional relationships can be targeted. Highly unlikely no doubt, but many who are not in a traditional marriage are used to feeling uneasy and it would take very little to produce an undercount in this area. Four years is a long time in politics.

  3. I. M Sparticus says:

    If you feel that the information on the census form isn’t an invasion of your privacy, then please answer all of them here on this blog. I’m sure no one could take that data and use it to defraud you. Or just use general census data, to engage in insider trading.

    And Kate I’m sorry. If conservative can demand a impartial review of safe schools and then storm out of it, because it was an impartial review of the program, then statistics don’t mean anything to them. You want to stop the hard right, campaign against them. Boycott their corporate masters, stage protests and civil disobedience. Because statistics is another number they can ignore.

    • There is nothing in the Census that would be sensitive enough to use for insider trading. This case was about the use of pre-embargo sensitive economic data which can affect the stock market. And nothing in this involved release of confidential data on individuals.

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