What’s driving urban renewal in Newcastle?

Mark Trevithick

Mark is an economist who joined .id in 2018. Having previously worked at the South Australian Centre for Economic Studies, he is experienced with applied microeconomic research. His work at .id focusses on preparing small area population forecasts for local councils across Australia. Mark has undertaken consulting projects for a number of private and public organisations including South Australian councils, State Government departments, Regional Development Australia and Natural Resource Management Boards. A major focus of his research has been regional development and local governance giving him a detailed understanding of the role, function and changing needs of councils.

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3 Responses

  1. Great article, thank you. Do you think the work revitalisation/activation work by Renew Newcastle (http://renewnewcastle.org/) has also made a difference? Or are the planning and infrastructure investments enough on their own?

    • Mark Trevithick says:

      Hi Alison,
      The Renew Newcastle scheme provides a number of social and economic benefits in terms of increased urban renewal and supporting creative industries. Both Renew Newcastle and policies adopted by the City of Newcastle follow a similar principle – making better use of urban spaces and attracting more people to the city. Planning and investment in new infrastructure by government differs from Renew Newcastle in terms of scale. Council and the New South Wales State Government have made investments in new infrastructure of approximately $1 billion combined with the establishment of renewal corridors along major roads in suburbs adjacent to the CBD to support population growth. The additional demand created by the growing population for residential space and services e.g. new apartment buildings and retail/restaurants/entertainment/transport is therefore a significant source/driver of economic growth and urban development in those areas.

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