Are we prepared for an ageing population? Top 5 growing and slowing areas for people 70+

Katie Bayley

Katie is a Spatial Strategy Consultant with over 10 years’ experience in management consulting at .id, KPMG, PwC and Urbis. Katie has worked with blue-chip companies, Government and not-for-profits across a range of industries providing advice on network planning, development feasibility, demographic market analysis, sales forecasts, corporate strategy and scenario planning. She brings calm, clear-thinking professionalism to client projects. Katie is a skilled at asking the right questions to uncover the clients’ problem, takes complexity out of each project and puts together the right team to provide the answers in the ‘.id way’. When she’s not at work, Katie is a foodie, jogger, swimmer, kid wrangler, not-for-profit board member and coffee aficionado.

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4 Responses

  1. Fiona Burnett says:

    That’s really interesting – will data be calculated for Queensland too?

    • Jo Little says:

      Hi Fiona, not as yet, however we develop our forecasts based on client demand so this may be added in the future.

  2. GaryH says:

    Regrettably, the aged are, and will be a greater problem, as their disposable $$$ can not keep up with the demands of Gov. of the day,
    ever increasing prices of essential utilities, and to put it bluntly we are living to long in a unfit, some painfully, physical condition to be self supporting, & self caring, without the need of in home care, ( ?? local councils, there is an issue to quality of the service ?? ) then home carers not being able to do the job without livable remuneration, which the Gov. of the day don’t want to hear about, or contribute to, but they will make promises they can’t keep for the aged vote, now, the Gov. want to scrap the aged home owner council rate concession by giving a loan of the $200=00 to come under another Dept where a management fee is established, a interest rate is charged for each concession given, then all credits given taken back from the estate when sold or the last partner of the home ownership dies …. The most devastating part is, NO State Gov. of the day can work with the Commonwealth Gov. of the day, neither could manage a Bombay massage parlor, SO! the end result is, how does Unconstitutional Local Council get away with over the hill charges, way above the C.P.I. and spend far to badly, behind closed doors, on extremities, creating charges the residents, especially the aged and pensioners, can not afford, not forgetting to mention the extremely high cost, to keep warm, or cool.
    The Governments of the day & unconstitutional councils, if they were re-cycled as blood and bone for parks and gardens, before Australia is re-name Asiaozz, but then you need educated people with common sense to be able to talk to each other, and know how to plan and protect Australia, as well as the Australian Citizen.
    And what is happening now, I very much doubt, it will ever happen.

  3. Barry Morgan says:

    The simple reason for this is that couples are not having enough children. Just to maintain population balance a society requires a birth rate of 2.1 babies per woman in the fertile quotient. Like nearly all of the developed world Australia’s birth rate is below that, and thus we are not only not replacing ourselves, but as a society are getting older. This has all sorts of implications ranging thro’ increased welfare and medical expenditure with increased taxes to pay for it, shrinking youth segment and consumption, stagnating real estate prices and defence expenidture, greater reliance on immigration to make up for the imbalance, and with that possible dramatic cultural discord or even clashes.

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