Spotlight on Footscray’s changing housing market

Richard - Team Forecast

Richard has a background in urban planning, regeneration and social housing. He previously worked in the housing sector in the UK and for the Victorian Government. He produces population forecasts for local government areas in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Queensland, Regional Victoria and New Zealand. He regularly presents on the policy implications and challenges of demographic change for a variety of audiences on both sides of the Tasman. Richard enjoys spending time with his kids, camping and playing the piano.

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4 Responses

  1. Peter says:

    Not sure if you have been to Footscray lately but the Joseph Road Precinct is a hive of activity.

    • Hi Peter,

      Yes, agreed, the sites at 4-8 Hopkins Street / Neilson Place and 18-30 Moreland Street/Whitehall street have commenced this year, which is good news. The fact remains however, that these developments have been a long time coming and there is a degree of uncertainty as to how quickly a number of projects that already have approval will commence. It may be that once these projects have been completed others will quickly come on line. I have updated the text to reflect your comment. Many thanks.

  2. mc says:

    The “Royal Bank of Australia” ceased to be in 1927. The “University of Victoria” has never existed.

    Numbers aren’t the only details that need to be correct.

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