NZ: of Maui’s might and spirits departing

Penny - Kiwi Population

Penny lives in New Zealand where she looks after our clients, which include a rapidly growing number of Local Governments, Universities and Central Government departments. She plays an important role in listening to their needs and feeding those back to the development team at .id. Penny has extensive experience as a Communication Manager in Local Government and has a degrees in Business and Communications. She also brings a breadth of generalist management experience in fields as varied as research, civil defence, project and event management, marketing and training. Penny’s knowledge combined with the .id tools help clients work with their communities to empower grass roots decision-making, advocacy and grant applications, and focus on strengthening council-community relationships. Penny has a rural property and enjoys growing and eating food and wine, which she runs, walks, bikes or swims off, when she’s not in the art studio.

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  1. Lailani says:

    What a wonderful set of stories Penny. Thanks for sharing them with us over here in Aussie. One that my father told me, out in the desert of Australia when looking at the stars, is that the constellation we call Scorpio, is seen by the Maori people as the fishhook of Maui, and that the force of pulling the North Island out of the sea was so great that the hook flung up into the sky where it can be seen always. You will see that the constellation looks like the shape of a Maori bone carving. I love that…. all these people around the world looking up at the stars and interpreting them according to their culture.

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