Do many Australians move to New Zealand?

Esther - Team Forecast

Esther joined .id after working in the demography teams at both Statistics New Zealand and the Australian Bureau of Statistics producing national and regional statistics. Esther produces the top-down model for .id’s SAFi (Small Area Forecast information). This involves synthesising overseas, interstate and regional migration patterns to quantify regional change. Esther loves the way statistics assist in understanding our communities and can dispell urban myths or stereotypes.

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5 Responses

  1. cameron macilquham says:

    Please be impartial ! If you check the last nz cencus you will find, nd this is prob 5 years ago +, at least 60 000 Australians live nd work in new zealand. Probably to get away from all the crime nd americanisim.

  2. Gary Woods says:

    No, Australians like to leave Australia because of their politicians and their stupid policy making decisions, also the buacrats are truly snakes, low people, We have had some terrible politicians and buacrats in Australia over the last 12 years truly.

  3. The total population of New Zealand is 4 629 580 people, Maybe Australians travel to New Zealend but I think those people arent many.

  4. Yanvi says:

    Very intersting article

  5. good site thanks for sharing alot of good info:)

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