Transport planning – Melbourne to Sydney in 45 minutes – by train…

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Jim has been a member of the .id team since early 2010, following 10 years as a Director in local government and prior to that, many years at IBM. Jim is also a former .id client and recognised the value of .id’s tools in council decision making. He decided to join .id to help spread the word! He manages .id’s local government clients in Queensland and South Australia, helping them to use .id’s tools for informed strategy and policy decisions. Outside work, Jim enjoys learning Spanish, travel (especially to Spanish speaking locales) and collects the odd car or two…

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2 Responses

  1. Jason says:

    The cost would be prohibitive I would imagine. But history has shown us to never say never.

  2. Nenad says:

    Just imagine the change in commuting patterns and city designs that this form of travel would create. All of a sudden travelling 30 minutes to work could mean living 500km away!

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