Migration – A Perspective from Wellington, New Zealand

Ivan - The Founder

Ivan founded .id in 1997 after a long career in housing and infrastucture policy in both the public and private sector. Ivan believes in elevating evidence-based decision making in policy development and keeping it simple and inclusive. To this end, .id has developed online demographic information tools which have become the industry standard for local government in Australia. Ivan is passionate about cities, urban planning, sustainable communities and surfing.

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2 Responses

  1. Robin Spragg says:

    Has anyone done a study of the effect of the Christchurch earthquake on the movements of that city’s population?

    How many have moved away temporarily and how many permanently? Have they started to move back ? In fact, is there any way to count them?

    • Ivan says:

      Thanks for the comment Robin. Stats New Zealand provides an excellent resource at the following ‘earthquake protal’ link:

      We used some of this work as input into our assumptions for the Wellington forecasts (in particular the reports on overseas experience and the school enrolments information). I am loath to stick my neck out and quote figures… there are quite a few different figures being bandied about, so I suggest you click on the link and have a look.

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